My First Blog Post

Ok, this is my first blog. Hope you enjoy it.

A Day In the life of a dog walker…. Poo series

Fox Poo and all things nice.

Are there any other animals who actively seek the faeces of another animal? Is the aroma the equivalent to them as an expensive bottle of Chanel to us? I have one doggy in particular, who emerges from the woods like she’s achieved her life time ambition. She’s bathed in the stuff like Cleopatra in Ass’s milk; No regard for me and her fellow passengers who endure the drive home with heads hanging out of the window, gagging for breath.
Remind me to walk a different route tomorrow!!!!!


Phone home

One of the things that is often said to me is that I have the best job in the world. Now although that is true, there are days when I wonder why I would think this! Today I was enjoying a lovely walk around an open field, sun was shining, birds were tweeting and the dogs were running around enjoying themselves. As expected, one of the doggies took a toilet break, I waited patiently, pretending not to watch until she was finished, (she likes her privacy) and as I bent over to pick up her deposit, my mobile phone slipped out of my shallow jacket pocket and landed in the pile of poo like a flake in a Mr Whippy!
Luckily, (if there is any luck in this story) the culprit actually lived near the entrance to this field so the phone in the poo bag was washed and cleaned ready to be used again a short while later!



Everybody knows puppies like to chew and eat things they shouldn’t right? Plastic toys, shoes, socks, Furniture, sticks and anything else they can get their little gnashers in to. But when a dog is in our care, we have to ensure they aren’t eating anything that would cause them harm or make them ill. So, when one of our adorable pups looked like she’d found some caviar on a walk, I quickly prised open her dainty jaws and swiftly retrieved what was in her mouth, only to find a large lump of her fellow species fresh deposit! Nice one pup! Doggy doo all over my fingers!!!!